• How to Start a Fire

    Three ingredients are required in order to build a fire – fuel, oxygen, and a spark. Sounds easy, right? Fire is often considered a pillar of life, along with water, food, and shelter. It’s really as primal as it gets.  View Post
  • Emergency Essentials

    For a very technical definition, emergency essentials are core supplies an individual may need to sustain life in the event of a disaster situation. But, ask yourself, “what am I preparing for?”. Is it an earthquake? Wildfire? Climate change? Is it all the aforementioned? Possibly. Whatever it is that you’re preparing for, there is a common theme of supplies that will help you in disaster situations. View Post
  • The Psychology of Prepping and Survival

    Homo Sapiens – brilliant, resilient, stubborn. As a species, we have so much to be proud of. We have evolved from hunter-gatherers, into a civilized group of citizens, and somehow into astronauts. There’s no challenge we can’t take on, and no task too small. Deep down we all have that innate desire to survive. A primal instinct that drives us to keep going and do whatever it takes for the survival of our species… Unless we have to plan for it, because preparation is hard.

    View Post

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