Our Story

Survival gear is exactly what it sounds like – stuff that helps keep you alive. Basic human needs. My wife and I began this business for that very reason. Being the parents of two young boys, we began to look at life a bit differently. This was quite the change for me as I’ve had little regard for my personal well-being for the longest time. I’m the type of person that can easily adapt, live off very little, and make the most of what I have at hand. That can of green beans about to expire, or bread that only has mold on one edge, that’s me (unless we’re talking about milk). I’d find a way to survive. And if I didn’t, it’d probably be a wild ride while it lasted. [Enter Parenthood]

It’s easy to be naïve and lax when you’re only concerned for yourself. A tropical storm knocks out power in my region for several days, no big deal. But, what about my children? I now have an obligation and responsibility to care for human beings who have yet to learn how to lookout for themselves. My wife and I would literally do anything for them just to give them an opportunity at life as we know it. The thought of my children staring me in the eye with worry is the moment I knew I needed to be prepared. We not only wanted to be ready for our family, we began to think about preparation from a community perspective.

Emergency response services are a privilege, not a guarantee. Everyday disasters are bound to happen to us or people we know. While unfortunate, those response calls are sustainable. Multiple that by thousands, and we’ve got a problem. Communities tend to come together during disaster situations, but at some point, supplies run out. Whether it be a hurricane, earthquake, or flash flood, it is conceivable to go several days, if not longer, without basic services and goods. The more we can all collectively prepare, the less strain on our systems during those challenging times. Prepping isn’t just an individualistic thing, it’s a societal thing.

We’ve been fortunate as a family to have gone this long without enduring a situation that would put ourselves and our community through such hard times. Our empathy to those that have. But, as a member of our community we can and should prepare. We might seem a little paranoid to people like my former self, but when we begin to think of others, a movement is possible. Self-reliance to us isn’t just about being mindful of yourself, it’s about how your commitment to yourself can free up help to those in need.

Upon entering this industry, we knew we wanted a name that had meaning and would resonate with our customers. Having said that, witnessing two young boys develop is quite an astonishing thing. You will experience some odd behavior to say the least. So, watching two boys howl like wolves during one of their favorite movies is not an oddity, but something to be embraced. Hence, our Two Little Wolves. Within that, there’s a compelling Native American legend called The Tale of Two Wolves. It’s a story of good vs evil. A struggle that takes place within each one of us every day. The wolf that wins is the one you feed.

That is why we began this business. To supply communities with gear that will buy them time. Investing time now, will buy you time later. Let’s all feed that good wolf. We’re talking basic human needs. And some other really cool shit.